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About Us

The Celebration of Pets Foundation evolved from an original idea for a local event "Pet Celebration" which was conceived in 2012 by Dr. Hilty Burr, owner of Lake Chatuge Animal Hospital in Young Harris, GA and Tri-County Animal Clinic in Murphy, NC and Pam Roman, Executive Director of Clay County NC Chamber of Commerce. 

As a veterinarian who supports several of the various pet rescue groups in the area, Dr. Burr is aware of the ongoing problems of abandoned, surrendered and homeless pets and the wonderful people and organizations who work tirelessly to address these issues.  The resulting "Pet Celebration" event set aside a day to bring these organizations together with folks from surrounding communities in Clay, Cherokee, Towns and Union counties to celebrate people's love of their pets. 

After nearly a decade of successful annual events which have raised awareness along with tens of thousands of dollars for local shelters, Dr. Burr and his Planning Team have now positioned the organization to expand its pursuit of its ambitious mission statement beyond an annual event to a more perennial approach.  

The bond between humans and our pets is a mutually beneficial relationship that we've come to rely upon for our very well-being, emotionally, psychologically, and even physically. Our hope is to strengthen that bond and broaden awareness of its importance.

Dogs on a Bench

Our Board and Advisors

  • Dr. Hilty Burr - President

  • Linda Vanderlaan - Vice-President

  • Greg Patrick - Treasurer

  • Maureen Patrick - Secretary

  • Pam Roman - Board Member

  • Susan Burr - Board Member

  • Mitzi Shepherd - Board Member

  • Sandra Hazen - Board Member

  • Eric Meadows - Advisor

  • Debra Lee-Maggio - Advisor

Our Mission

Our Mission

  • Educate the Public about the roles animals play to the benefit of humanity.

  • Provide some financial assistance to our overwhelmed, underfunded, and highly needed rescues.

  • Educate the public on the behavioral, social, and medical benefits of spay/neuter, routine care, and training of pets.

  • Decrease "surrenders', and lost pets through education.

  • Educate and encourage the public to make model citizens of their pets by using training and socialization.

  • Serve as an outreach for local animal advocates.

  • Recognize Citizens, groups and businesses that strive to further educational and financial efforts.

  • Serve as a role model for other communities

  • Improve the quality of life for animals and their people by supporting efforts to pair working partnerships and compassionate bonds.

girl with golden retriever dog at shelte
happy dog smiling running fetching with

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring together individuals and organizations already involved in animal welfare so that we can share best practices and leverage the combined strengths of these resources.  Through various events and communications we will raise awareness and funds to help promote education consistent with high quality pet welfare that strengthens the Human/Pet Bond.  

We Need Your Support Today!

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