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Celebration of Pets Foundation


Win a pair of Converse sneakers custom designed and hand painted by MAG.  Winner works with MAG to design a truly personal and unique work of art and keepsake.


The winner will be selected at our Howling on the Square concert, August 27, 2021.  You do not need to be present to win.


Purchase tickets at one of our events or directly from a CoPF board member.  Better yet, you can also enter Online by clicking on the button above.

About MAG

MAG, a native of New York, honed his craft of painting/sculpting/sketching in the cultural chaos of the 1970’s five boroughs (Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island).

MAG has also made Custom Apparel for some of the world's top celebrities and bands.


MAG’s business now includes an online boutique where everyone has access to create and purchase items personalized just for them. MAG takes great pride in giving his customers unique items they can treasure for a lifetime.  Visit Punk Your Chucks to learn more.

On-Line Raffle Closed

Drawing Friday, August 27th at Howling on the Square Concert.  Raffle tickets will be available in person at the concert.  See ya at the Historic Hayeville Square Friday night.

Spot On!

The beloved Dalmatian made famous by the Disney movie “101 Dalmatians” is a unique breed of dogs. Born pure white the Dalmatian soon develop their spots all over their bodies. Those eye-catching spots make the Dalmatian unique.  Bred to guard horses and coaches this breed remains loyal to their masters and are a powerful guard dog.  With their beloved owners they are loyal and protective, aloof to strangers.


The origin of the Dalmatian is believed to have taken place in Croatia of Dalmatia where they crossed a spotted pointer with a Great Dane. The breeders found that this unique dog had a calming effect on horses therefore they became carriage dogs and trotted along side of their masters and horses. Some Dalmatians became firehouse dogs and would run along the horse drawn firetrucks to the fires.

The Dalmatian is a great dog to have if you like to go hiking or running. They are powerful active athlete, with strong hindquarter. They have great stamina and are .`-built to go the distance. The Dalmatian is gentle in the house with the family that they love.

Spotted in the picture is “Charlie” an 11-year-old Dalmatian rescued by Vickie Bowers an Elder Law Attorney from Jacksonville; FL. Charlie was in Tampa Dalmatian Rescue when Vicki found him. Charlie had been in two different homes by the time he was 14 months old, he had kidney and bladder stones They were painful for Charlie and after surgeries to remove them and a proper diet Charlie became a delightful member of her family.

Vicki Bowers has purchased a home here in Clay County and happily for us, Vicki and Charlie are going to help the “Celebration of Pets Foundation” by having a contest to help raise moneys for our local rescues.  The contest will be called “Spot On” This summer You will have an opportunity to enter your guess on how many spots are on Charlie.  The contest finale will be on September 18th at the Celebration of Pets on the Hayesville square. You may get a glimpse of Charlie at the concert by “Gnarly Fingers” August 27th. This concert will be dedicated to our dog and cat rescues and it will be “dog friendly”

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